Pima County Employee John Moffatt Violates Court Order, Circumvents the Court's Vault Security

During the RTA records hearing, Pima County employee John Moffatt had managed to take possession of evidence in the county vault that had a court order specifically instructing that both parties be present when this evidence is released. This box contained two hard drives: one intended for the county and the other for the Democratic party. In violation of the court order, John Moffatt obtained possession of both hard drives before the Democratic party was aware they were available.

The Democratic party had publicly announced its intention of using software developed to pick up certain anomalies in the electronic database files soon to be released through a court ruling. Apparently, the county wanted a little 'extra lead time' with both hard drives while they were still in the process of developing their own software aimed at detecting what the Democratic party might detect.

Moffatt's acquisition occurred with no signature or paper trail.