Election Director Brad Nelson's 'Blatant Lie'

Bill Risner, representing the Democratic Party,  approached Pima Elections Director Brad Nelson to inquire about the possibility of printing reports of election results prior to hand-counted paper ballot audits, which were the new requirement passed into law by the state of Arizona.  Brad Nelson put into writing an emphatic "no" concerning these summary reports but later court testimony reveals that Nelson was fully aware of this function (which is illegal) and it occurred on a routine basis under his supervision at the Pima County Elections Division.

Worth noting is the fact that there is absolutely nothing inadvertent about Brad Nelson's claim that summary reports were impossible to create in Pima County's election department. Pima Elections Director Brad Nelson blatantly lied to those who are charged with the task of monitoring elections in the state of Arizona.

In this video, Bill Risner recalls this exchange with Brad Nelson directly in front of Brad Nelson.

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