Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson Appears to Have Lied to KOLD About Last Week's Computer Breach

Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson gave a specific reason for why his elections operator broke a cabinet security seal and attached an ethernet cable to the elections tabulation computer. We know this because KOLD's Barbara Grihalva stated on October 28th:
"Now we're told the worker had gone into the cabinet yesterday to zero out the machine so real ballots can start to be counted today."
We can deduce that Brad Nelson gave this reason for the breach. Especially when he told Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller the same thing.  The only problem is that the tabulation computer was zeroed out at 10:31 AM, which is just after the Logic and Accuracy test. The election worker broke into the tabulation computer much later that day at 3:03 PM.

You could see it at the following link:


Should this page disappear, click here for a capture in pdf format.

We welcome any open source style of investigation to reaffirm or disprove what we are looking at.  Feel free to weigh in at the comment section below.

In the interim, enjoy Barbara Grihalva's new low in 'nothing to see here' style of reporting.  She had brushed aside AUDIT AZ's John Brakey (the citizen who discovered the breach in the first place and immediately contacted Brad Nelson) to get her information from Brad Nelson and the two party election observers who never saw it happen. 

 Tucson News Now

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